General Motorcycle Rental Conditions 

Driver's age: Minimum age limit for category AM 21 years, for categories A, B 23 years, for categories C, D, E, 25 years, and for categories F and G 27 years

Driving license: The driver must have European or international driving license for the corresponding class of motorcycle, be valid and have been issued in the country of residence of the tenant at least one year prior to the rental date.Required AM ,A1 ,A2 or A driver's license. (you can also rent AM or A1 category scooters with B car drivers licence,please contact us for details)

Duration of hire: Minimum length of rental one day (24 hours). Delay of more than two hours is charged an extra day rental.

Insurance: All rental prices include simple liability insurance. The hirer is responsible for any damage or theft (partial or total) caused to rented motorcycle up to the amount of market value at the time of the accident / theft. The tenant pay the amount corresponding to the loss of the motorcycle of Panos Rent a Scooter, regardless of fault and refunded the amount paid when and as long as the Panos Rent a Scooter compensated.

Theft Protection: Applicable only upon agreement at an extra cost. All motorcycles are equipped with steering lock and extra security padlock.

CAUTION: No insurance coverage applies:

For whatever happened and found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

For damage caused by driving on unpaved roads.

For damages caused to the bottom of the motorcycle, the tires and rims.

For accidents caused by a driver not declared in the lease contract.

For accidents for which the lessee has not updated Station Panos Rent a Scooter and submit an accident report, as defined by the Greek Legislation, regardless of fault.

Amounts relating to the damage or loss of bike paid directly by the tenant even if he is insured by debit / credit card. In this case, the tenant is obliged to pay to Panos Rent a Scooter entire cost of repair or replacement of the motorcycle.

Security free (CDW): By paying an additional amount of 7 € per day the tenant has the opportunity to avoid the amount of compensation up to 250 € (for Cat.A) that can be caused to the motorcycle on his own responsibility. Excluding losses caused to the bottom of the motorcycle, the tires, rims and exhaust

Fuel: The fuel costs are borne solely by the renter. The lessee is obliged to return the motorcycle to the content of the tank to be like when received.

Road assistance: Free 24h road assistance all over Attica. Small scooters 50cc 125cc and 200cc are not allowed travel away from the city of Athens. Please ask for restriction areas.The tires and rims motorcycle borne by the lessee.

Warranty: For categories A, B minimum guarantee limit of EUR 100 or a credit card. For categories C, D etc rental bike is only possible with credit card guarantee.

Method of payment: The rental bike is paid out in cash, bank transfer or credit card Visa and Mastercard.

Pickups - Drop offs: They become all in the station and in the hours of operation. Outside the opening hours and holidays, is only possible upon request and at an additional charge the lessee bears.

Pickups outside our station made by agreement for a fee charged to the tenant.

Reservations: For reservation deposit 30% of the rental is necessary in cash or by credit card.

Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation the deposit is not refundable.

Traffic Violations - Fines: All fines and administrative penalties charged to the tenant.

Kilometers: Free kilometers.(in Athens area for Cat.A and cat.B). Cat.AM (50cc scooter)- 40 km per day,extra km charge 0,20 euro. Cat. C , D, E 250km per day, extra km charge 0,20 euro.  Cat F 300 km per day, extra km charge 0,25 euro.

Helmet: free helmet to the lessee.

Navigation system (GPS): The charge for the GPS is 7 € per day with a maximum charge of 70 € per month. Provided upon availability and demand.

Taxes: All rates are subject to VAT, as determined by the state.

The tenant is not allowed to use the vehicle for racing, wheelies or walks on the sand.

Renter must lock the vehicle whenever it is left unattended

The vehicle may be driven only by the driver and the persons referred to in this tenancy agreement.

The tenant is not allowed to take the vehicle outside the region.

The tenant must return the vehicle to the lessor company in the same good condition you received it.

In case of mechanical damage the tenant must immediately notify the lessor company.

In an accident, the lessee is obliged within 24 hours to declare the incident, otherwise immediately become solely responsible for any damage caused.

The lessee expressly agrees that the company Panos Rent a Scooter is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage suffered by the tenant or third parties during the lease, and no claim may be brought against it for higher causes.

The types of motorcycles that appear in the photos are indicative.

In special cases, Panos Rent a Scooter reserves the right to substitute any type of motorcycle with another of the same class (or higher).

IMPORTANT:cat AM (50cc) scooter, can rent for 1 person, cannot carry passenger.

The terms and prices can change without notice.

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